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San Vito in Monte

A beautiful and still uncontaminated landscape with greenery, fresh air, silence and views unchanged for centuries. In San Vito Castello there is a medieval castle and church, both in need of restoration. From the castle it is possible to see half of Umbria: Perugia, Assisi, Mount Subasio and all the central northern part of Umbria.

For walkers there are pathways varying from 3 to 6 hours in length and which pass through country side and forests and connect San Vito with other villages and with San Venanzo. For mountain bikers there are country lanes and tracks, perfect to see the local scenery. For lovers of fishing or swimming there is the Fersenone river which divides the provinces of Perugia and Terni and which flows through the San Vito area creating various pools where it possible to fish or swim. The most important of which are “il Borgone del Diavolo”, “Vivaio” and “Borgo del Mazzo”.

Along the river the is an old mill called “Rota Prona” which is a nice walk from our agriturismo and where there is a new wooden bridge to cross the river. For those who are interested in health there sources where there is water which is rich in iron, helpful to treat conditions such as anemia or other conditions related to a lack of iron.

The most famous source is “Acqua Forte” and is known in all of Umbria. For those interested in spirituality there is the sanctuary of “ Madonna dell’Olivo” where there is a source of blessed water and where a miracle is said to have taken place. Within the San Venanzo district there is the medieval village of Poggio Aquilone and Sette Frati park of Mount Peglia, the volcanology museum and other characteristic villages such as Collelungo.

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