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San Vito in Monte

San Vito in Monte is a small village immersed in the green heart of Umbria. It is 12km from San Venanzo, in the province of Terni, but borders with the province of Perugia.
It is virtually half way between Orvieto and Perugia. The village is divided in two parts, San Vito Castello, which is situated on the top of the mountain at an altitude of approx. 620m, and San Vito in Monte which is situated further down at an altitude of 520m.The original name of the village was “Baccano”, or Hubbub in English, because, being situated half way between Perugia and Orvieto it was a popular stopover for travellers who stayed there during their journey.It is said that the name is due to the fact that there was an inn which was a popular meeting place for the travellers who, enjoying a rest and the good local wine created a little ‘hubbub’ during the long winter evenings.
Tradition tells us that the Sicilian saint, San Vito, passed by here, leaving his name to the village: San Vito. Until 1929 San Vito had its own council, independent from San Venanzo, but in that period, following events connected to Fascism, the council was incorporated into that of San Venanzo.

San Vito in Monte has an optimum location which allows tourists to easily visit all of Umbria and central Italy. It is about 30km from Perugia, 50km from Assisi, 40km from Orvieto, 30km from Todi and 30km from Trasimeno Lake. It is also ideally situated for who wishes to visit the Italian cities of Rome and Florence. Take the E45 to the motorway junction towards Rome or Florence. We are practically half way between the most beautiful Italian cities, making them easy to reach in a short time.

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